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South Carolina University Logo and Personal Fan Check Designs

south carolina checksSince 1801, South Carolina University students have been proud to be associated with such an institution.  Current students and alumni alike are honored to be known as the Fighting Gamecocks! South Carolina Football is known for being part of NCAA sports in the Southeast Conference. Show your pride everywhere you go by proudly displaying the South Carolina University logo on your personal checks, wallet, and mailing labels.  First time customers can take advantage of special pricing. With checks as low as $12.95 for single checks or duplicates for $15.95 every student, factuality and alumni can show off South Carolina University!

With notable alumni such as Bernard Addison, Mike Colter, and William Combs, who wouldn’t want to show their sense of pride in such an outstanding educational institution?   

You can order self-adhesive address labels to match your checks and show your South Carolina University Pride! There are two different kinds of checks for you to choose from! Want to show off the South Carolina University logo ? Get the South Carolina l University Logo check! Are you more of Number one Fan kind of person? Then get the check that designed for the game-day superstition followers, talk-to-the-TV coaches, rant-and-rave-throw-the-remote cheerleaders, truest of true college sports fans. If you double your order you can receive extra sets of 240 labels for only 6 dollars! In addition to labels you can also receive 144 stickers for just $9.95.  

Dick Sheridan and Charlie Wis are just two of the legendary sports heroes that have emerged from South Carolina University . Show your pride and affiliation with such great names in sports with the complete South Carolina University package . Start your collection today with #1 Fan Checks, South Carolina University Printed Leather Checkbook cover, Logo Stickers, and the Fighting Gamecocks Labels!  

If you purchase two boxes of checks, one set of labels and a checkbook cover and your order total will reflect a $5.00 discount!